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Canadian francophonie

Francophone flag of Saskatchewan

25 countries have French as their official language. From these 25 countries, eleven of them have it as their only official language.[1] These data indicate that French language is shared and practiced by many people around the world. The International Day of Francophonie (March 20) is one of these days when this language is honored. Every year, Canada organizes a unique event: Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie. Canadians can enjoy many activities which highlight the French language. These activities are available in many places throughout the country from March 6 to March 22, 2015. Les Rendez-vous de la francophonie has been held for 17 years since now.

The creation of the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie was instigated in 1999 by Antonio Lamer (Chief judge of the Canada Supreme Court on 1ᵉʳ July 1990 to January 7, 2000), Antonine Maillet, Antonine Maillet (novelist and talented playwright) and Paul Gerin-Lajoie (lawyer, politician, offical, manager and philanthropist Quebecker). Since its creation, the event continues to attract a large number of people, because today "more than 9.5 million people in Canada keep the French language alive and bring it to others"[2]. The principal regions where these people are represented in Canada are Quebec and Ontario, as well as western and northern Canada.

Moreover, the French language has been honored and celebrated several times in different occasions. Canada hosted the Sommet de la francophonie in Quebec City in 1987 (in collaboration with the governments of Quebec and New Brunswick), in Moncton in 1999 and finally again in Quebec City in 2008[3]. In 2001, the country hosted the francophone Games in Ottawa-Gatineau. In addition, UNESCO works with Canada on issues and decisions related to the French language. The federal government serves on the Board of International Organization of the Francophonie. The involvement of the country allows the French language to evolve and grow among all the other languages in the world.

Finally, the days of the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie are a great opportunity for all Francophones and Francophiles to come together and share that love for one and only one language. For more details, visit the website:

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